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Face to face…important but little understood!

Face to Face communications is recognized as the single most important vehicle organizations have at their disposal. At the same time, it may be the least understood. In working with clients we have come to understand that in most cases face to face communications is understood by most managers and communications staff to mean “yet … Continue reading

5 Big Steps to Rebuild Trust

Rebuilding trust when it has broken down takes time, energy and commitment. It also takes some focus. If your company is among the many that have trust issues to address, the following five areas of focus should be at the forefront of your actions: Make leadership visible. It seems we always start with this idea, … Continue reading

Six Keys to Communicating Internally

I am often asked what I believe to be the most important elements underlying good communications plan. My strong belief is that there are a few elements that we must consider and factor into each plan we develop – and if they are, (regardless of any tactical problems you may encounter) you will emerge with … Continue reading

500,000 Canadians are missing work today…

A very simply but important post today… Depression sucks! Did you know that 500,000 Canadians will miss work today (or any day for that matter) due to metal illness. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are not willing or able to talk about it.  Depression is a horrible, horrible illness that likely touches each and … Continue reading

Engagement from an Employee Perspective

Originally posted on Monday Musings: Work, Life and Leadership:
As per Webster’s dictionary, “Inspiration’ is an action or power that moves the intellect or the emotions.” Inspiration leads to discoveries and inventions; Einstein was inspired by a pocket compass at the age of five! Image source: Google Images In the midst of technological changes and dynamic environments,…

Its all About Culture (as this inforgraphic shows)

Underlying so much of a business’s ability to succeed links directly back to the culture within.  From my perspective far too many companies simply allow their cultures to evolve, paying little attention to it and its impact on service, strategy achievement, change ability, attraction and retention of staff members and a horde of related factors. As … Continue reading

Engagement on the rise – Up 10% over last year!

Customer Experience Matters (a fab site well worth following) and Temkin Group has just released its 2013 Employee Benchmark Study and counter to the findings of similar research initiatives over the past couple of years they are showing an overall increase in engagement among employees of about 10% – a rather hefty and welcome improvement. … Continue reading

When everyone understands their role and contribution…what an interesting concept!

Originally posted on Karl Frederik Muller's Blog:
OR THRIVING IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS  How do two classic, “All American Manufacturers” thrive in the midst of today’s economic chaos?  The first case study is an Ohio machine tool builder with $150 million in sales. The second is a Pennsylvania consumer products manufacturer and distributer…

What is Employee Engagement Anyway?

A couple of days ago I posted a couple of infographics I came across.  This evening I found a third infographic explaining employee engagement on the HR Morning site that I think captures pretty much all that needs to be capture…from top to bottom this serves as a very effective tool and a big congrats is … Continue reading

Infographics Outlines Employee Engagement

I came across a couple of Inforgraphics examining employee engagement and felt they were well worth sharing. The first “Brand Ambassadors  vs Disengaged Employees” comes from The Madison Performance Group, and illustrates the impact of engaged employees on the bottom line.  A very nice summary showing the link between engaged employees and competitive advantage. The second, produced … Continue reading

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