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Ken Milloy at Cruden Bay Golf Club Scotland – equally at home in overcoming the challenges of the great golf courses as he is at helping you overcome the challenges of the workplace.

Hi. My name is Ken Milloy. Welcome to my Website and blog. I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by and hopeful that you find the posts, tools and links interesting and useful, and that you engage in conversation with comments and ideas

My blog is about sharing information, ideas and tools that will help managers, leaders and communication pro’s build great places to work.

I have a very strong passion for boosting business performance through…

  • effective communication and employee engagement
  • blogging – exploring my own thoughts, those of others, and for companies
  • helping leaders, managers and supervisors move beyond the status quo and step into the new world of work

My guilty pleasure is golf.

But allow me to digress so you know what makes me tick — where my passions originate. My background is a constant sea of change, much like our ever-evolving business environment.

It started with hockey. I was a pretty decent hockey player as a kid. And for a time I considered making hockey my career. But then I realized that being pretty good and good enough isn’t the same thing, and that getting an elbow in the mouth three to four times a game isn’t very appealing. I also considered becoming a referee, but the NHL changed the rules just as I was set to make the leap – and being a few inches short of the 6’ plus height requirement ended that dream. So I took up golf (more on that later).

An impressionable job experience. In my late teens, I worked for a major corporation. To make a long story short, after gaining some experience I recognized an opportunity to substantially improve what we did.  I created a presentation and shared it with my boss. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), he looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was hired to do my job; not to think. Being a young brash kid, I told the guy he was an idiot. Then I quit and headed off to university, inspired to prove he was an idiot; that all employees, regardless of level, need to think and share their ideas. <Post script: mission accomplished.>

University time. My studies took me on a cross-campus exploration of enlightenment: Special Education, Canadian Historical Geography, Business Administration, and Computer Science (does Fortran still exist?). And like many university students, I also spent quality time in quite a few small town pubs throughout the Canadian west.

Post university. After graduation, I became an entrepreneur. I consulted with and leased historical neighbourhood photographs to companies that wanted to create a sense of community inside their places of business.  These experiences and relationships ultimately led to becoming the curator/director of several museums and small galleries.

My years in the corporate world. Eventually I took a job with a large public utility. On my way up the ladder, I held positions that included corporate communications, issues management, strategic planning, human resources, internal communications and customer service.  I must say, the ability to move around this organization was fabulous, offering significant learning and development opportunities. I absorbed everything I could, giving me the tools and confidence needed to become more independent.

On my own again. Eventually I determined it was the right time to jump back into the entrepreneurial world and I started a consulting firm.  My company focused on the use of internal communications as a strategic business tool.  For almost 14 years, we worked with companies ranging in size from two people (with dreams of becoming a much larger, international business…which they achieved!) to large multinational organizations. My business travels took me throughout British Columbia, across Canada, and to the Caribbean, Europe, Malaysia and other great places. I interfaced with many people in a variety of roles, and helped a lot of companies get measurably improved business results. I wrote articles that were published and, in many cases, translated into an untold number of languages. Needless to say, it was very satisfying.

Now I’m in my mid-50s. Not long ago I decided to take a step back and think about how to most efficiently (and enjoyably) continue to help companies meet their business goals through employee engagement. The outcome is…well, maybe the best way to say it is: Welcome to it!

Welcome to my online office. The door is always open! Explore my Web site, check out my blog, share your experiences, ask your questions and express your ideas. This site is both where I share and explore my thoughts and ideas about the challenges and opportunities of the new world of work, and encourage you to initiate and participate in conversations that explore the impact this new world has on business leadership, communications and employee engagement.  Please take 30 seconds (or more, if you prefer) to add your thoughts, challenges, and ideas.

On this site, you’ll also find my ideas, tools and tips to help you communicate significantly better and more fully engage your business associates and partners.

One more thing: GOLF. I love golf. I play or practice golf any time I get the chance. Just like I was a good hockey player as a kid, now I’m a good golfer. I play competitively at the national level and just for fun, I play with anyone, of any skill level, anywhere the opportunity pops up. I tell you this because golf analogies seem to find their way into my posts.  And if you ever want to track me down away from work, you’ll likely find me at the golf course.  I live just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, not more than a solid 5 iron into a seaside gale from my second home, the Pitt Meadows Golf Club.

Why not give me a call!

Children and grandchildren. Okay, I’ll admit it; I’m also a softy for my kids and their kids. So if I’m not at the golf course, I’m quite likely building a snowman with my grandkids, Kain, Jacob and Piper or simply hanging with my favourite peeps: My kids Marty (and Ginette), Veronica (and Brad), Jackie and Theo.

My name is Ken Milloy. Thanks for stopping by. Grab a coffee, have a look around and let’s talk.


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