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Its all About Culture (as this inforgraphic shows)

Underlying so much of a business’s ability to succeed links directly back to the culture within.  From my perspective far too many companies simply allow their cultures to evolve, paying little attention to it and its impact on service, strategy achievement, change ability, attraction and retention of staff members and a horde of related factors.

As I see it, leave your culture on its own at your peril!

Earlier today I came across yet another infographic offers some sound insight and advice.  Produced by HumanResourcesMBA.net, Corporate Culture Mindset: The Difference Is Our People, the infographic defines culture and then examines the cultures at Pixar, Google and Patagonia.

Corporate Culture Mindset
Image source: www.humanresourcesmba.net

What do you think?

How often does the culture in your company find itself on the agenda of your leadership team?

Does your culture enhance or retard employee engagement?


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Many years ago a manager told me I hadn't been hired to think....which got me to thinking... And before that my brother introduced me to golf...which is without a doubt the most intriguing and challenging game in the world...and which I practice or play with a passion at every opportunity...


2 thoughts on “Its all About Culture (as this inforgraphic shows)

  1. Good work! I agree with you order to evolve we must be willing to cultural change

    Posted by Lelia | February 20, 2013, 1:46 am

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