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What more can I say? 9 Laws to overcome your communication breakdowns

Dianna Booher is a leading communication and relationship expert. In her recent book, “What More Can I Say? Why Communication Fails and What to Do About It?” she outlines and discusses these nine laws of success for effective communication: The Law of Trust vs. Distrust The Law of Collaboration vs. Monologue The Law of Simplicity vs. … Continue reading

Managers and Employee Engagement: 4 Critical Conversations

Four Critical Conversations that Maximize Employee Engagement & Performance The role of managers and supervisors in the employee engagement process is vital. This is something we all know. Recently, a client asked me to outline some of the key conversations that need to occur between managers and supervisors and their teams. The initial list was … Continue reading

Engagement in 5 minutes or less!

“What is your favourite “one to five-minute engagement activity that any manager could do?”  (If we get enough responses over the next 3 weeks or so I ‘ll pull them together as an e-book) To get us started….her’s one of my favourites: Planned Spontaneity: As you walk, ride or drive to work,  think about one person on your … Continue reading

Stupid Things Managers Say and Do – A group e-book in the making!

I’ve told the story of the manager I had who introduced me to the experience of disengagement with 6 simple words: “I didn’t hire you to think!”  While it is a great story, it’s too long to retell here but so those who don’t know it get the drift, the short version goes: October 1977; I … Continue reading

$500 in revenue gone – because our waitress said moving us was too much work!

Can you imaging having one of your staff tell a customer that they didn’t matter much and if it was too much of an effort for staff to help out the customer, then it just wasn’t going to happen! A few days ago a group of us decided to get together after a hectic week … Continue reading

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