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The New World of Work: Daily Finds

I’ve always looked for different ways to keep track of the numerous articles and ideas I come across on the web  about the new world of work, employee engagement, applications of social media within organizations, workplace cultures, change and a host of other topics. As an experiment I am trying out because it has … Continue reading

Grab a coffee and have a read…the times they are a changing – BIG TIME

Man, you have to love the web!  While doing some research for an article I am working on for a future post I stumbled across a fabulous report, completely off topic from what I was looking for.  Produced by PSFK, a New York based consultancy , the piece explores trends that are shaping the future of … Continue reading

What drives the fear of losing control?

Hi all.  Let me start this short post by saying thanks to all of my followers who emailed or called to find out why I haven’t been posting much for the past few weeks.  I continue to be amazed at how we form relationships with people through blogs, tweets and on-line interactions.  From my perspective … Continue reading

From my in-box: Worth Sharing:Social Media Inside and How to be a Great Communicator

I had planned on not making a post today – a lot on the plate today and needed to clear the small backlog on the desk and in the un-box.  But…..A couple of articles arrived in my in-box and caught my attention.   As I read them I felt they needed to be shared, so rather … Continue reading

Get your Free Group E-Book on Social Media and Internal Communications!

Join me January 17, 2012 for a Free Webcast hosted by INXPO Bringing your Internal Communications into the New World of Work Hosted by INXPO | Featuring Ken Milloy As a webcast participant you will be able to contribute to books development as we explore: the shift in workplace needs and expectations the role social … Continue reading

The office of tomorrow – Social Media, Technology and Changes in our Workplace

Came across an interesting piece on the “office of tomorrow” from The article looks at 10 technologies that will shape the office, including: Smart Glass – morphs from solar panel to multi-media screen.  How cool will that be! Rollable glass Office matchmaker – Quora meets Foursquare! When big brother is your boss. Talking with … Continue reading

Facebook, LinkedIn and Beyond: Is Social Media at the core of your Internal Communication?

I’m always on the watch for developments in the world of Facebook and LinkedIn as I have come to believe that it won’t belong until a hybrid of the two will serve as the organizational structure of the future. And that may well have become one big step closer to reality for those not yet … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street protests spread – “Command & Control” Cultures Take Note

Over the past year we watched from afar as dictator after dick fell in response to mass movements of citizens,  united through the wonderous world of technology in the form of  Facebook, Twitter and all the other usual suspects.  How many of us watched the footage in hi-def and thought: Wow! They are going to … Continue reading

What Steve Jobs Learned From His Biggest Failure

What Steve Jobs Learned From His Biggest Failure. As a huge fan of and believer in the power of a great vision statement or image, I was really taken by the words of Steve Jobs halfway through this article: My passion has been to build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great … Continue reading

Social media at work: the value of twitter, yammer, facebook and other social media

Talking Business – Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte Australia – RMIT University – YouTube. Looking for a real life example of how various social media can be used internally as a business tool….Giam Sweigers, CEO at Deloitte Australia will change you mind about the value of twitter, yammer, Facebook and others in the workplace…..

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