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Engagement on the rise – Up 10% over last year!

Customer Experience Matters (a fab site well worth following) and Temkin Group has just released its 2013 Employee Benchmark Study and counter to the findings of similar research initiatives over the past couple of years they are showing an overall increase in engagement among employees of about 10% – a rather hefty and welcome improvement. … Continue reading

When everyone understands their role and contribution…what an interesting concept!

Originally posted on Karl Frederik Muller's Blog:
OR THRIVING IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS  How do two classic, “All American Manufacturers” thrive in the midst of today’s economic chaos?  The first case study is an Ohio machine tool builder with $150 million in sales. The second is a Pennsylvania consumer products manufacturer and distributer…

What is Employee Engagement Anyway?

A couple of days ago I posted a couple of infographics I came across.  This evening I found a third infographic explaining employee engagement on the HR Morning site that I think captures pretty much all that needs to be capture…from top to bottom this serves as a very effective tool and a big congrats is … Continue reading

Infographics Outlines Employee Engagement

I came across a couple of Inforgraphics examining employee engagement and felt they were well worth sharing. The first “Brand Ambassadors  vs Disengaged Employees” comes from The Madison Performance Group, and illustrates the impact of engaged employees on the bottom line.  A very nice summary showing the link between engaged employees and competitive advantage. The second, produced … Continue reading

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review. John Baldoni’s piece on instilling purpose in an organization is absolutely bang on…akin to a perfectly stuck long iron to a tough pin position for the golfers among us.  His concluding comment makes it perfectly clear: Purpose is not something that should be allowed … Continue reading

Managers and Employee Engagement: 4 Critical Conversations

Four Critical Conversations that Maximize Employee Engagement & Performance The role of managers and supervisors in the employee engagement process is vital. This is something we all know. Recently, a client asked me to outline some of the key conversations that need to occur between managers and supervisors and their teams. The initial list was … Continue reading

A New Look at Engagement – Talent Management magazine

See the article at: A New Look at Engagement – Talent Management magazine. Barb Krantz Taylors article in Talent Management Magazine, posted on Oct 21, 2011 provides an excellent look at the importance of engagement and productivity. Of particular interest are the 9 key drivers of engagement she outlines (see her post for the full details … Continue reading

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