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Why so Many Managers Suck

A great little article I came across on looks at why so many managers just aren’t that good at being a manager and looks at 3 things in their approach that contribute to their poor performance: They focus more on process than on people; They don’t delegate; They dismiss the importance of morale. Read … Continue reading

Face to face…important but little understood!

Face to Face communications is recognized as the single most important vehicle organizations have at their disposal. At the same time, it may be the least understood. In working with clients we have come to understand that in most cases face to face communications is understood by most managers and communications staff to mean “yet … Continue reading

Engagement from an Employee Perspective

Originally posted on Monday Musings: Work, Life and Leadership:
As per Webster’s dictionary, “Inspiration’ is an action or power that moves the intellect or the emotions.” Inspiration leads to discoveries and inventions; Einstein was inspired by a pocket compass at the age of five! Image source: Google Images In the midst of technological changes and dynamic environments,…

Dorothy’s words are such a great lead in to this piece from Randy Conley I couldn’t resist reposting it. I was especially taken by point 2 (Tech savviness of Millennials opening new doors) and point 4 (Knowing the Power of Community) and could not agree more with the notion put forward that leaders need to … Continue reading

Getting Performance without Performance Management

I am a huge fan of The MIX (The Management Innovation Exchange) and am often left in awe of the thinking put forward.  Last fall they ran a grassroots hackathon with the focus on finding a new vision for performance management, more in line with a Management 2.0 world. I noticed yesterday that MIx had … Continue reading

Keep things simple…start conversations…learning follows

Way back in grade 8 I had a teacher who taught me one of the most important lessons I carried forward from school: Keep things simple…start conversations…learning follows. Flash (we called him that because of the rather unique helmet he wore with a lightening bolt across each side during our regular teacher student floor hockey … Continue reading

5 Steps to Employee Engagement for Managers and Supervisors

We all understand the importance of having managers as the key link in the communication process. But, we often struggle when trying to turn the ideal into reality. One of our primary roles as communicators is to ensure that managers are well supported so that they can succeed with what they are asked to accomplish. … Continue reading

Help Managers Do Engagement!

Way back in 1977 I was working for a large international organization in an entry-level labour position. I was young and energetic, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. After months of working afternoon and midnight shifts, I began to understand the business. I often thought of what we … Continue reading

Employee Engagement – As Simple As ABC

Engage me if you can! It’s as easy as A, B, C Note:  I wrote this a number of years ago and was asked by a number of people recently for copies – thought it may be worth reposting.  (The original was part of an e-book produced by the Employee Engagement Network hosted by David … Continue reading

Managers and Employee Engagement: 4 Critical Conversations

Four Critical Conversations that Maximize Employee Engagement & Performance The role of managers and supervisors in the employee engagement process is vital. This is something we all know. Recently, a client asked me to outline some of the key conversations that need to occur between managers and supervisors and their teams. The initial list was … Continue reading

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