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Why so Many Managers Suck

A great little article I came across on looks at why so many managers just aren’t that good at being a manager and looks at 3 things in their approach that contribute to their poor performance: They focus more on process than on people; They don’t delegate; They dismiss the importance of morale. Read … Continue reading

5 Big Steps to Rebuild Trust

Rebuilding trust when it has broken down takes time, energy and commitment. It also takes some focus. If your company is among the many that have trust issues to address, the following five areas of focus should be at the forefront of your actions: Make leadership visible. It seems we always start with this idea, … Continue reading

What is Employee Engagement Anyway?

A couple of days ago I posted a couple of infographics I came across.  This evening I found a third infographic explaining employee engagement on the HR Morning site that I think captures pretty much all that needs to be capture…from top to bottom this serves as a very effective tool and a big congrats is … Continue reading

5 Steps to Employee Engagement for Managers and Supervisors

We all understand the importance of having managers as the key link in the communication process. But, we often struggle when trying to turn the ideal into reality. One of our primary roles as communicators is to ensure that managers are well supported so that they can succeed with what they are asked to accomplish. … Continue reading

Leadership & Communication: Thoughts From The Sofa Watching The Presidents Cup

What I learned about Leadership while laid out on the sofa watching the President’s Cup! Sunday was a great day to be outside here in Vancouver – the sky a perfect winter blue, the mountains around us covered by the first snow of the year, and the air, while cold at 4°C, was crisp and … Continue reading

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review. John Baldoni’s piece on instilling purpose in an organization is absolutely bang on…akin to a perfectly stuck long iron to a tough pin position for the golfers among us.  His concluding comment makes it perfectly clear: Purpose is not something that should be allowed … Continue reading

Employee Engagement – As Simple As ABC

Engage me if you can! It’s as easy as A, B, C Note:  I wrote this a number of years ago and was asked by a number of people recently for copies – thought it may be worth reposting.  (The original was part of an e-book produced by the Employee Engagement Network hosted by David … Continue reading

The Impact of Trust on Organizational Performance :

The Impact of Trust on Organizational Performance : HRMA BC has just released the findings of a new study  on the impact of trust…on first glance I had to applaud the clarity of the report: employees who feel trusted by their organization become more willing to accept responsibility for their organizations performance and… …the … Continue reading

Need to be sure your message is understood?…..try using the 4P’s

Using the Four Ps to Effectively Communicate with Staff Communicating about change or decisions made can sometimes feel like the most difficult task for a manager or leader. It can seem like no matter what we say or do, the different needs of our staff leave us struggling to get through to them. Our challenge is … Continue reading

Reinforce Behaviours & Foster Engagement with Planned Spontaneity

Managers often tell me they just don’t have the time to regularly and consistently interact with their staff. While there may certainly be some truth to this, I often wonder if it’s an excuse made by those who are somewhat uncomfortable with the softer side of communication and engagement. Either way, what I do know … Continue reading

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