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From my in-box: Worth Sharing:Social Media Inside and How to be a Great Communicator

Image courtesy Jon Husband, Wirearchy.com

I had planned on not making a post today – a lot on the plate today and needed to clear the small backlog on the desk and in the un-box.  But…..A couple of articles arrived in my in-box and caught my attention.   As I read them I felt they needed to be shared, so rather than add to my to do list, my post for today.

Social Media Stars – from CNNMoney is a great little piece on how nine different companies are using social media tools for employee communications.  Each company (Marriott, The Mayo Clinic, Intuit, Google, SVP Financial and Capital One among them) section offers an easy to read overview.

If achieving the incredible benefits of using social media inside is of interest to you two additional items of interest:

    1. On January 17 I appeared on INXPO’s  Thought Leaders Live speaking on bringing internal communications into the new world of work – if you missed it you can watch it at anytime here at the INXPO site.
    2.  Or you may want to visit and join in on the conversations and sharing at the internal communication and social media network.

And the second article, How to Become a Great Communicator from CBS Money Watch offers four great tips well worth reading.

That’s it – two radically different but extremely critical ends of the communication and employee engagement perspective.  Regardless, they are fundamental to ongoing business success!

Until next time….onwards with a smile.  Ken


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Many years ago a manager told me I hadn't been hired to think....which got me to thinking... And before that my brother introduced me to golf...which is without a doubt the most intriguing and challenging game in the world...and which I practice or play with a passion at every opportunity...


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