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“Holy Sh*t….that was quite a month!” Reflections on Recognition

Keep score...and celebrate results!

When was the last time you rewarded yourself in some way at work?  You know, like maybe leaning back in your chair and thinking “Wow… I did a good job there”.

FORE! warning: Those who know me well will tell you that golf is the dominant gene in the pool of genes that define me.  Golf tends to find its way into every pretty much everything that is my life, much the way dog crap finds it way into every little nook and cranny imaginable on the bottom and sides of a shoe misplaced.  Lucky for me…the scents of associated with golf serve to enhance the game, and cleaning the bottom of my shoes is way easier.  Close friends will also tell you I sometimes pretend to be a writer…something I shouldn’t do, as you will quickly learn should you continue on into this post. …It’s one of those times where stepping out of the box just seems appropriate.

The weather in the burbs east of Vancouver yesterday was, shall we say, rather off.  Cool, damp (as you know it never rains here) and a tad windy.  Given the weather and knowing I had a busy afternoon interviewing a couple of business leaders ahead of me, I opted out of my normal lunch break trip to the range to work on my golf swing. Instead I used the time to get a few things in order and prepare for the meetings of the days and weekend ahead.

Have to tell you, I’m so glad I did.

As I go about my days I keep a journal and an ever-growing collection of fine point and big point chisel markers with me at all times. In the journal goes pretty much every thought, idea, phone call note, to do list and all else associated with my life.  It also serves as my diary. I doodle, draw pictures and write in every colour imaginable.  And I stick clippings and napkin notes into it with whatever adhesive is handy.  At the end of each day I go through the days notes, make sense of them, put them into some form of order and sketch out the planned parts of the next days adventure.  Probably not as efficient as one may want but I love writing and doodling in pen and pencil on blank paper. The sweet freedom of no lines is refreshing.

As I gathered my November journals together for my month end review on the weekend coming I did a quick flip through.

Quite frankly I was shocked at what I had been up to over the past few weeks.  November had flown by in record time.

  • The action items crossed off were extreme in number; big things, small things and much more.
  • Work both in and on the business – all goals exceeded, new ones set;
  • Personal and family stuff – way beyond plan; and the minor adjustments to my swing I began at the start of the month are now beginning to stick as the new normal – my ball flight has never been better.

And that’s when it happened.  A verbal outburst, from where I’m not certain, echoed across my office.

“Holly shit…that was quite the month!”

And you know what?  Saying it out loud was nice; I liked hearing it.  A good reward it was, the near equal in satisfaction to the feeling that comes with striking a golf ball pure in the midst of competition.  And that, you should know, is huge.

And so to the point of this post…

As leaders and managers we understand the importance of recognizing others at work for a job well done or behaviour well lived.  And so I ask:

Shouldn’t we make a habit of recognizing our own efforts?

I think we should and I’d encourage each manager, leader, and supervisor out there who somehow sees this post to do the same for themself now and then. Go ahead

Let out a shout for your work well done… it really does feel good!

It really does feel good, doesn’t it!  So why not forward this post, or write your own, to a friend in need of a reminder that maybe a little self pleasuring is in order (that always gets their attention).

Cheers and onward,


I help managers and leaders at all levels make sense of and improve performance through practical approaches to communication and engagement.  Give me a call for more information.


About kenmilloy

Many years ago a manager told me I hadn't been hired to think....which got me to thinking... And before that my brother introduced me to golf...which is without a doubt the most intriguing and challenging game in the world...and which I practice or play with a passion at every opportunity...


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