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11 Laws of Internal Communication – Time for a rethink?

The 11 Laws of Internal Communication  A number of years back I developed what I felt were the 11 Laws of Internal Communication.  I’ve pulled them out of the drawer and reposted them here as I have started to wonder if perhaps it was time for a rethink.  Please share this with others who you … Continue reading

“Holy Sh*t….that was quite a month!” Reflections on Recognition

When was the last time you rewarded yourself in some way at work?  You know, like maybe leaning back in your chair and thinking “Wow… I did a good job there”. FORE! warning: Those who know me well will tell you that golf is the dominant gene in the pool of genes that define me.  Golf … Continue reading

How Employee Engagement Actually Drives Stock Price

If you have not yet bought into the idea that employee engagement links directly and positively to business performance…have a look at the quote below from Josh Bersin’s post early this year: The bottom line here is this: while most financial professionals and investors have very little understanding of leadership, training, and human resources strategies, … Continue reading

Help Managers Do Engagement!

Way back in 1977 I was working for a large international organization in an entry-level labour position. I was young and energetic, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. After months of working afternoon and midnight shifts, I began to understand the business. I often thought of what we … Continue reading

Leadership & Communication: Thoughts From The Sofa Watching The Presidents Cup

What I learned about Leadership while laid out on the sofa watching the President’s Cup! Sunday was a great day to be outside here in Vancouver – the sky a perfect winter blue, the mountains around us covered by the first snow of the year, and the air, while cold at 4°C, was crisp and … Continue reading

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review

How to Instill Purpose – John Baldoni – Harvard Business Review. John Baldoni’s piece on instilling purpose in an organization is absolutely bang on…akin to a perfectly stuck long iron to a tough pin position for the golfers among us.  His concluding comment makes it perfectly clear: Purpose is not something that should be allowed … Continue reading

Employee Engagement – As Simple As ABC

Engage me if you can! It’s as easy as A, B, C Note:  I wrote this a number of years ago and was asked by a number of people recently for copies – thought it may be worth reposting.  (The original was part of an e-book produced by the Employee Engagement Network hosted by David … Continue reading

Remembrance Day – Friday November 11, 2011

Please take time to remember…

Managers and Employee Engagement: 4 Critical Conversations

Four Critical Conversations that Maximize Employee Engagement & Performance The role of managers and supervisors in the employee engagement process is vital. This is something we all know. Recently, a client asked me to outline some of the key conversations that need to occur between managers and supervisors and their teams. The initial list was … Continue reading

A New Look at Engagement – Talent Management magazine

See the article at: A New Look at Engagement – Talent Management magazine. Barb Krantz Taylors article in Talent Management Magazine, posted on Oct 21, 2011 provides an excellent look at the importance of engagement and productivity. Of particular interest are the 9 key drivers of engagement she outlines (see her post for the full details … Continue reading

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