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6 Future Trends of Leadership Development – Lead Change Group

Mike Henry’s post of a week or so ago on his Lead Change Group site outlined 3 changing leadership development trends and 3 staying the course trends that I found to be both on the mark and thought provoking….Oddly the 3 changing trends are somewhat in line with my thinking…especially his second regarding leadership becoming more internal. My belief that leaders who hang out in their office and on the exec floor will become extinct….get out and get to know and listen to your employees! Well done Mike!

Three Changing Trends

There are 3 changing trends in leadership development that I can deduce from watching the evolution of social media, the Internet and the leadership development community.

Leadership development will become more personal. As organizations become flatter and as they cut back on people expenses, organizations will purchase less and less leadership development. As a result, more individuals make the selections of what training is purchased; more purchases will be made one-person-at-a-time. Also, more will demand the ability to set their own pace.

Leadership development becomes more internal. It becomes more about who you are, than how you behave once you have a position. Besides, there simply aren’t enough positions, and too many of us have been victimized by someone we didn’t respect who just happened to be in a leadership position. More and more of leadership development will continue to be about how to gain the respect and trust of others or how to inspire others. Respect and trust become the fuel for the new leader.

Trial and error feedback loops will accelerate. (See the first Continuing Trend below.) Several factors in our world point to everything happening quicker. We won’t listen to a week-long training class and then try to apply that in our jobs for the next 6 months. We need our leadership development in blog-post sized chunks so we can try them out this afternoon. And if they don’t work in a day or two, we’ll try something else.

Three Continuing Trends

Three other trends in leadership development will continue. Of note those include:

Leadership development is learned, not taught. Trial and error remains an integral part of leadership development.

We still grant credibility the way we always have. Credibility is created over time, through results. And we tend to extend more credibility to those we experience first hand in their trade. It takes time and positive results to become a credible leadership developer.

We still grant respect the way we always have. As John Maxwell and others have said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We withhold respect from those we don’t trust.

Read the full article via 6 Future Trends of Leadership Development – Lead Change Group.


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